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Mathematical talent: recognition and support I am Dr. Marina Milner-Bolotin – a University of British Columbia professor in Vancouver, Canada. I’ve been a science and mathematics educator for 30+ years in Ukraine, Israel, USA, and Canada. I’ve worked with K-12 students and teachers, also taught undergraduate physics. I’ve always been involved with gifted mathematics and science education. In Israel, I led Olympiada Zuta – a middle school mathematics competition. I also taught in a mathematics enrichment program for gifted elementary students. I was a mathematics and physics teacher in a special program for gifted students at SchoolPlus in New Jersey, USA. In Canada, I have been one of the UBC Physics Olympics organizers, as well as Family Math and Science Day at the UBC Faculty of Education co-founder. I have also worked with gifted homeschoolers and their families.  Since 2020, I’ve been volunteering at the UBC University Transition Program. I currently mentor future mathematics and science teache