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Valentina Gogovska from the Republic of North Macedonia sharing thoughts about MCG

  I am Valentina Gogovska from Tetovo in the Republic of North Macedonia. There I work as an associated professor at UKIM, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in Skopje, North Macedonia.  I took my PhD in 2014 at the Neofit Rilski University at Blegoevgrad in Bulgaria.  My first contacts with the Group for Mathematical Creativity and Giftedness date back to 2003, at the conference in Svishtov, Bulgaria and 2004 in Copenhagen, at ICME 10. However, I want to emphasize that the meeting at the conference in Riga, 2010 was inspiring and unforgettable, at least for me. The excellently organized conference, but most of all the impeccable team of the Group for Mathematical Creativity and the members of the International Committee, the amazing Linda who was the president at that time, their motivation, togetherness, attractive energy and unique enthusiasm made me feel happy and myself. Since then, I consider myself an active member of the group, although I was elected as a member of the
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Mathematical talent: recognition and support I am Dr. Marina Milner-Bolotin – a University of British Columbia professor in Vancouver, Canada. I’ve been a science and mathematics educator for 30+ years in Ukraine, Israel, USA, and Canada. I’ve worked with K-12 students and teachers, also taught undergraduate physics. I’ve always been involved with gifted mathematics and science education. In Israel, I led Olympiada Zuta – a middle school mathematics competition. I also taught in a mathematics enrichment program for gifted elementary students. I was a mathematics and physics teacher in a special program for gifted students at SchoolPlus in New Jersey, USA. In Canada, I have been one of the UBC Physics Olympics organizers, as well as Family Math and Science Day at the UBC Faculty of Education co-founder. I have also worked with gifted homeschoolers and their families.  Since 2020, I’ve been volunteering at the UBC University Transition Program. I currently mentor future mathematics and science teache

Support to mathematically highly able students in Portugal

My name is Sérgio Carlos, I live and teach secondary school Mathematics in Aveiro, which is a city in the west cost of Portugal. Ever since I started my teaching career, about 27 years ago, I was intrigued and fascinated by some students that seem to have a particular ability to grasp mathematical ideas, while others in the same classroom struggle to simply know the procedures to tackle any given task. So, to better try to understand this phenomenon, I have engaged in a PhD, completed in 2016, which focused on Excellence and Creativity in University Mathematics.   At this point I’m asked to share with the readers a story about my involvement with creativity and giftedness in Mathematics. After some thought I decided to talk about my own route, both as a teacher and a researcher, into this captivating subject.  My first work experience with a group of very high achievers in Mathematics, took place between 2009 and 2012, when the Mathematics Department of Aveiro’s University created a sp

The value of encouraging mathematical talents

  The value of encouraging mathematical talents I am Catharina Gathmann. I am studying economics in Hamburg after having passed my final school examinations last year. At the same time, I work in the "PriMa" programme, headed by the president of the MCG, Marianne Nolte. This programme, which takes place at the University of Hamburg, was introduced in 1999 and supports mathematically gifted students from upper primary to secondary grade (third to tenth grade in Germany). I have participated in the programme since I was in third grade and stayed there until ninth grade. Subsequently, I remained in the programme and have been a tutor since 2017. I have experienced that being interested in mathematics is often associated with being a nerd or a geek at school. That is why I was a bit overwhelmed when I was accepted into the programme after the selection process in third grade. Apart from going to university as a primary school student in between all those grown-ups (!), I met peop

The Blog for the international group for mathematical creativity and giftedness

 Dear all, We are happy to announce that the blog for the international group for mathematical creativity and giftedness (igmcg) now starts (June 2021). To this blog we invite all of you who have stories to tell and/or good ideas to share with others who love mathematics and creativity and wants to develop and improve opportunities to learn for young children as well as for professors in mathematics.  We have a goal to share stories and ideas from all over the world, from children, parents, students, teachers, researchers etc.  If you have something to share, do not hesitate to contact us on Kind regards, Dr. Elisabet Mellroth (Sweden)